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My services are built on more than 30 years of nonprofit leadership and operations experience and I can provide solutions for every budget.

Consulting Services Presentations and Training


Streamline Your Operations

You may already be clear about the roadblocks slowing you down, but not sure how to fix them. Or maybe you want a fresh set of experienced eyes to assess the pain points having the most impact on your operations.

How I Can Help

Step 1: I’ll work closely with your leadership team to identify your organization’s internal strengths and roadblocks to achieving more.

Step 2: Together, we’ll prioritize the challenges and develop a step-by-step roadmap for maximizing your organization’s effectiveness and efficiency.

Step 3: You’ll likely be able to implement the solutions yourself, but I’ll be available to lead the changes or provide any guidance or follow-up you would like.

Current operations consulting packages

  • Efficiency Overhaul Package – VIEW PDF
  • Knowledge Management – Documenting and Safeguarding ‘How We Do Things Here’ – (Coming Soon)
  • Learn More About Increasing Your Operational Efficiency – READ MORE

Looking at our systems with ‘outside eyes,’ Donna was able to provide us with perspectives that we hadn’t previously considered.


Deliver Successful Projects

Your organization’s special projects can seem daunting, especially when they are sharing resources with operations and administrative activities.

How I Can Help

Starting on the Right Foot – I’ll guide your leadership team through a full analysis of your proposed project, including identifying:

– The ultimate goal and desired results of the project
– Stakeholder requirements (the important features and results expected by those involved in, or who will benefit from, the project)
– Risk planning to identify the probability and impact of possible risks to your project and ways to proactively manage them if they occur

Ready, Set, Go – The value of solid project planning shouldn’t be underestimated. I’ll help you develop a realistic project plan to guide your team through implementation, including:

– Project planning with timelines and dependencies
– Tools for keeping the project on track, including managing the team and their activities, mitigating risks as they occur, and communicating progress and changes to stakeholders throughout the process
– Portfolio management

Extra Team Member – depending on the scope of your project, I may be available to serve as your short-term project manager. Let’s talk about the benefits of contracting for my project management services in lieu of hiring a full-time employee.

Current project management consulting packages

  • Custom Project Plans for Any Project Size or Budget – VIEW PDF
  • Learn More About Improving Your Project Outcomes – READ MORE

Donna is highly organized, a good strategist, and has excellent communication skills both verbal and written. She is a skilled project manager, helping groups stay focused and on task. I would never hesitate to use Donna again for project management. She’s the best!


Presentations and Training

Invest in the future of your organization by investing in your people!

The ways your organization accomplished its work over the past 10 years won’t serve you as well during the coming 10 years.     Is your team ready?

How I Can Help

I’ll customize training sessions or workshops for your leadership team, program staff, or Board of Directors in the areas of successful project management, organizational best practices, and change management.

Training offerings range from one-hour ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions to half- and full-day seminars, to multi-session workshops.

Audiences leave my presentation energized and equipped with practical actions they can implement right away to lead their organizations and teams to the next level of productivity.

I am an active member of Professional Presenters Toastmasters and have been featured nationally as a speaker at the PMI Mile Hi Annual Symposium as well as numerous nonprofit association conferences across the United States.

Sample Presentation and Training Packages

  • More Time for the Mission – VIEW PDF
  • Project Management Fundamentals for Nonprofits – VIEW PDF
  • Learn More About Developing Your Teams’ Performance and Expertise – READ MORE

This session was incredibly interesting and clear. You have a gift for distilling down complicated subjects while keeping the audience engaged. Great job!