Professional Development


Invest in the future of your organization by investing in your people!

I provide professional development for your teams and leaders to expand skills, build team performance, and enhance organizational success.

Move your organization forward with customized employee development and group facilitation from a proven expert.

In today’s fast-paced nonprofit workplace, successful leaders understand that a strong talent management program is needed to ensure that employees’ skills and capabilities keep pace with the demands of the work/field.

By working with me, clients benefit from my 30 years of nonprofit management experience with organizations from 5 to 250 employees (and all sizes in-between). Your employees are your greatest asset – Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is cliché, or worse, thinking that if you hire talented people you won’t need to help them develop further.

Hiring good people and providing orientation and initial training is only the beginning. Today, Talent Management is critical for cultivating exceptional employees, managers, and leaders within your organization.

How is Talent Management different from Human Resources Management?

Think of human resource management as the overall mechanics of recruiting, hiring, and managing your workforce. This includes other important functions such as benefits, discipline, and in some cases, legal and labor relations. Talent management, on the other hand, can be thought of as an important subset of your HR department and focuses, to a much greater degree, on employee development and performance.

Strong talent management will help your organization:

  • Strengthen recruitment and retention – people want to grow, expectations are clear, more than the pay-check
  • Build the human capital your organization needs to meet its current and future goals

Studies repeatedly show that employees want more than a paycheck – they also want clear expectations, ways to contribute to the mission, and opportunities to learn and grow.

Choose from customized team training events to multi-session coaching for managers, executive teams, or board members. Most of my training offerings can be customized to fit one-hour, multi-hour, or multi-session formats, based on your organization’s needs and budget.

My most requested training and coaching topics include:

  • Building an Outstanding Organizational Culture
  • High Performing Teams – By Design
  • How Many Plates Can You Spin at Once?
  • More Time for the Mission
  • So Many Projects, So Little Time
  • Change: Ready or Not, Here it Comes
  • Alignment: How to Align Individual and Team Goals with Strategic Goals
  • Forget Performance Reviews – It’s a New Day!